art, magic, words & play

Hi, I’m Elfie. Nice to meet you!

I’m an artist inspired by play, the occult and consciousness. My art is both an extension of my solitary spiritual practice and an unyielding captivation with chance and synchronicity. It’s rooted in a refined intuitive process, and is multidisciplinary. I hope to use my artwork as a means of breaking down stigmas and barriers within popular culture towards metaphysical/spiritual concepts. I have a passion for female empowerment and mental health advocacy.

Primarily driven by the intuitive process, my work spans over a breadth of styles. In my experiments with mediums such as collage, printmaking, illustration, filmmaking, street art, and even fire,  the common thread is my incessant need to communicate intuitive revelations accurately. My work is an act of spiritual ritual and a journey of self-discovery and healing.


Bachelor of Architectural Studies
University of Waterloo

Masters of Architecture
University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Education
York University


Burning Virgins Study #1, Mixed Media, NPCC, Toronto, ON, IMPACT 2022 Exhibition, 2022

Incipient Surrender – Solo Exhibition of Burning Virgins and Performance Art Ritual, Minds Eye Art Gallery, Kitchener, ON, 2022

Poems I Wrote on My Smith Corona in 2020 – All White Gallery, Toronto, ON
Solo Multimedia Exhibition, 2022

Surrender –  The Quintessence Coalition, Season Two,  Rogers Television, ON
Community Television Film Series, 2022

Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Toronto, ON
Showcasing Butterfly: A Tale of Misogyny and Systemic Abuse, 2021

Playtime Film Series
The Quintessence Coalition, Rogers Television Solo Performance 2021

Butterfly Launch
Solo Performance 2021

Collectively Empowered
Funded by Region of Waterloo Arts Fund and part of Femme Folks Fest

Have a Smashing Birthday, Steel Rails
Steel Rails Interactive Installation 2019

Zodiac Composited Images
QR8 KW 2018

Witch’s Tent
Steel Rails 2017 

Animagine a Time
Animating Danforth East Public Performance 2016

Apothecary Fairy Door
Danforth East Community Arts Association, “Danny’s Urban Fairies,” 2015

From Cave Art to Art Cave
ArtCave Public Performance 2015

Opaque Projector Live Animation
Pressgang Mutiny Performance2015


Poems I Wrote on My Smith-Corona in 2020 , 2021

A Small Collection of Specialized Spreads – V2, Contributor, 2020

Butterfly: A Tale of Misogyny and Systemic Abuse, 2020

Cosmic Relief, Monthly Column
The Community Edition

White Owl Mystic Arcana, 2008

On Yonge Street, 2010

recent work experience

Design Communication Professor – Fanshawe College, 2021- Present
Computer Design Professor
Conestoga College, 2021 – Present
Communications Technology Teacher — WRDSB, 2017 – 2019
Studio Founder + Instructor
White Owl Mystic, 2016 – present
Studio Owner + Instructor— ArtCave, Toronto, ON, 2014 – 2016

design work experience

Intern Architect — Wallman Architects, Toronto, ON, 2010
Intern Architect
— Hariri Pontarini Architects, Toronto, ON, 2010
Intern Designer — Young & Wright Architects, Toronto, ON, 2010 – 2011
Intern Designer
— Arquitectonica, Paris, France, 2006
Intern Designer
— Elkus Manfredi, Boston, MA, 2005


  • Fluent in English, Greek
    and French
  • Adobe© Creative Suite
  • AutoCAD©
  • SketchUP© and other 3D visualization software
  • digital and analog photography
  • silkscreen printmaking
  • digital and analog animation
  • painting, illustration, drawing, mixed media artworks
  • film production, film editing
  • workshop design and facilitation
  • curriculum writing
  • education technologies