burning virgins

Burning Virgins began as a drawing investigation. Through drawing and reimagining her, I had hoped to develop a relationship with the myth of the Virgin Mary. The drawings grew into prints that connected physically and in theory with the collective myths of the female. They evolved into adorned images of the Virgin Mary with her third eye open. They were burned and charred, as part of a ritual to free her from misguided animations of her story in our collective ideas. The collection of images created in this project evoke a new narrative in her story. They hope to ignite a new narrative of stories told of women by history. It takes the sacred image of Mary, desecrates it and beautifies it, in hopes of giving her a voice. 

various silk screen prints of the surrender image created from found artefacts relating to the story of the female in history.

The project was exhibited at Minds Eye Studio Art Gallery in Kitchener, Ontario. The pieces were showcased and launched as part of a new moon ceremony in May 2022. The ceremony helped to ‘free’ Mary from previous notions attached to her story, and helped to give her voice back.

The Story of Mother Mary

The story of Mother Mary is one of a woman who was magickly bestowed life in her womb. A gift graced into her through the power of spirit and love in the universe. She was turned away by many and forced to birth this child amongst livestock in their trough. Though modest, this occasion and miraculous birth of love into humanity created ripples into the energetic fields creating a star in the sky, visible by many. This energy was so rich, so pure, that it attracted the wise sages. Mother Mary, the creator of this divine gift of love into our world, then began her story of surrender. Her conviction of faith, in the divine powers of the universe, is a story of a woman in trauma, from birthing a beautiful bounty of love only to have it taken from her for the evolution of History. The incipient nature of creating and surrendering to love.

The Ritual

Tonight we gather on a new moon in May. 
We are here as friends. 
We are here as support. 
We are here as family.
We are here in spirit.
We are here in community.
We are here in love. 
We are here as persons, 
Who at this exact moment,
Place and time,
Are on the same frequency.
We are here to help set her free. 
We are here to set ourselves free.
Tonight we wish to release all burdens.
Tonight we wish to release all sorrows.
Tonight we wish to release the stagnant
The dust.
The unnecessary.
The fog in our vision.
The doubt and shame.
Together in spirit.
Together with love.
We release with love.
With love.

Copyright Elfie Kalfakis 2022