art is my religion

A short film, performance and talk that illustrates how my intuitive creative process is a guiding path

the koinotita

An autobiographical documentary illustrating and mapping the Greek-Cypriot diaspora in the Kitchener-Waterloo region through a personal narrative.

on yonge street

A visual mapping research paper attempting to map the spirit of Yonge Street in downtown Toronto in order to better develop democratic public spaces.

white owl mystic arcana

A self-published oracle deck made from a collection of images created during a focused period of self discovery


Surrender explores the idea of personal alchemy in the form of process videos and animations. The pieces focus on re-imagining religious imagery into new narratives. 

mystery dawn

A street art project inspired by fortune telling card games.

wonder puzzles

An an interactive street art game inspired by the Rebus puzzle and secret alphabets.

burning virgins

Inspired by the biblical story of Mary, Burning Virgins is an investigation of the portrayal of the virgin in our collective unconscious.

it’s a spiritual revolution

A street art project that hopes to inspire, provoke and instill the spirit of magic and consciousness onto the urban fabric of cities.

collectively empowered

an art exhibition driven to bring womxn owned businesses together as part of a community art project

poems I wrote on my smith-corona in 2020

A collection of unedited poetry written over the course of the year 2020 and typed on a Smith-Corona typewriter

magick portals

A collection of linocut and mixed media images created during magick rituals.


Cheeky, quirky, and unapologetic, Butterfly is an illustrated poem narrating the experience of a woman who comes forward with allegations of sexual harassment to be met with gaslighting.

can you keep a secret?

A street art project inspired by the world of secret codes and magical alphabets.

have a smashing birthday,
steel rails!

An interactive art installation for an annual celebration of the community edition publication of the Waterloo Region.


Playtime is an experimental film series depicting the essence of existing as an existential being in the physical world.. 

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