poems I wrote on my smith-corona in 2020: an exhibition

The exhibition for Poems I Wrote on My Smith Corona in 2020 was held in the All White Gallery in Toronto in February of 2022. The exhibition showcased the poetry of the book along with two installations: the altar and 2020: a mapping. The opening included a magickal ritual that initiated the book into the universe. Accompanying the show was the Collectively Empowered exhibition, that did not get to see its completion as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

the altar

As part of the book launch an altar was dedicated and assembled in the gallery to ground a invoke the energies into the universe. The altar was part of a performance piece during the opening ceremony and was kept lit throughout the exhibition. All pieces were curated from my personal collection of magickal tokens and memorabilia.

2020, a mapping

This mapping exercise showcases artefacts collected over the course of 2020, along with art work created by myself and my son. It showcases various moments throughout the year as a collection. The collage also acts as a backdrop for a graph illustrating the case numbers of COVID-19 over the course of 2020 made from the typewriter spool used to write the poems in the exhibition.