Surrender is a film/animation series that illustrates the process of personal alchemy. Elfie Kalfakis narrates her story of finding a solitary creative practice of witchcraft. In seven film meditations, Surrender reconstructs the religious imagery of Elfie’s childhood. The films combine real life rituals, timelapse captures of her creative process, and stop motion animations. The series is accompanied by healing frequencies assigned to each film which correlate to energetic centres in the human body. As a series the film’s act as a performance ritual which attempts to move the audience’s energy so they can also alchemize with the help of visual meditation and sound frequencies.

Elfie’s illustrates finding her place in the margins and liminal places of society. The film series explores ideas of sexuality, mental health, feminism and religious traditions. It asks, how might one find ‘god’ in contemporary society? .

Surrender was aired on Season 3 of The Quintessence Coalition television program on Rogers Television, Cable 20 in 2022. 

Watch on Rogers TV or online here.

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