White Owl Mystic Arcana Guidebook

Hello. My name is Elfie. I am an artist, but my magick is my media. I began my spiritual journey years ago. I’ve connected to spirit my whole life. I’m a teacher, designer but most importantly, like you I am a human. And as humans we sometimes forget that connection we have to the greater energies that surround us and make us. I  was raised in a Greek Orthodox home and use a lot Christian ideas in my magickal and spiritual practice. I began to divert from that path as an intuitive using the tarot. After meeting a wonderful Congolese trained shaman who took me under his wing, I began to understand that my instrument of spirit communication is my art. 

The White Owl Mystic Arcana is a collection of images I created during a focused period of self discovery and alignment with the universe. Each image brings to the fore energies and aspects of ourselves, both individually and as a collective. Each image illuminates an energy that we can focus on to better understand our circumstance and path.  The cards have been organized in different divisions of energies: cosmic, worldly, astral/zodiac, planetary, moon and intuitive. Oftentimes, we look to cards for answers, however, these cards are divination tools and guides. The answers are all within us. Use the cards how you see fit within your magickal or spiritual practice. They can be study guides, part of intentions or used for divination readings

The images were all created during the times of the year or cycle in which they relate. Each piece is considered to be a sacred expression of the energy represented by the card. along with intuitively creating the deck, I researched the various correspondences for each image,. You will see how each zodiac constellation and astrological planet images relate to their corresponding elements, tarot cards, gemstones, plants, animals and other parts of nature.  The same methods were used while creating the moons of the year and each phase of the moon. 

Cosmic Energies

Inertia (Yin): passive, still, internal, receptive

Energy (Yang): active, movement, external, penetrative

Worldly Energies

Earth:  physical, nurture, practical, rooted

Air: intellectual, positive, communication, freedom

Fire: energetic, passion, creation, vitality

Water: emotional, reflective, intuitive, adaptable

Aether: universal, all that is unseen, the collective unconscious

Zodiac/ Astral  Energies

Aries: bold, conquering, fearless, brazen

Taurus: resilient, sensual, material, luxurious, discipline 

Gemini: inspiring, excitable, knowledge, communication

Cancer: nurture, comfort, protection, emotional

Leo: generous, courageous, expressive, dramatic

Virgo: perfection, discerning, productive, reliable

Libra: harmony, beauty, moral, graceful, indecisive, don’t overextend yourself

Scorpio: passion, intensity, insightful, capable 

Sagittarius: adventure, explore, freedom, philosophical

Capricorn: determined, tradition, success, classic

Aquarius: inventive, change, free, social 

Pisces: imagination, spiritual, compassionate, intuitive

Nine Planetary Energies

Sun: core energy, vitality, ability, expression, assertion 

Mercury: communication, intellectual, curiosity, inquisitive, informative 

Venus: romance, attraction, beauty, interaction, affection

Mars: initiative, motivation, driven, stamina, aggression

Jupiter: ethical, philosophical, growth, luck, greater purpose

Saturn: ambition, major life lessons, limitations and boundaries, career and wealth

Uranus: freedom, evolution, rebellion, standing out, spontaneous

Neptune: inspiration, creativity, illusive, addiction, deception 

Pluto: deep desire, replenishing, transition, empowerment

Moon Energies

January Moon: a time to look inwards and understand what is hidden

February Moon: a time where hidden feelings and desires come to fruition

March Moon: at time to illuminate what has been avoided

April Moon: a time to set intentions for new life and creations

May Moon: a time to create with confidence and balance

June Moon: a time to enjoy and nurture our creations 

July Moon: a time to build and repair our creations

August Moon: a time to harvest the growth of old projects and enjoy their vitality

September Moon: a time to declutter and begin letting go in transition for winter

October Moon: a time to communicate with spirit and realign to find purpose

November Moon: a time to prepare ourselves to confront the cold and darkness

December Moon: a time for death, endurance and transition 

Blue Moon: a fateful time to cultivate and realign with universal energies 

Maiden: waxing moon,  beginning of a cycle, vibration, explosion, unadulterated potential

Mother: full moon, full illumination, creation, magnetism, ability to draw in what is necessary

Crone: waning moon, completion of cycle, transition, reflection, absolute wisdom

Intuitive Cues for Personal Interpretation

The final collection of cards are inspired by various sacred geometries and archetypes. Although they are each are named, the collection is intended to spark your own personal meaning. When these cards present themselves they are an opportunity to tap into the unknown aspects of ourselves. Pay attention to how you see and feel about the card and what aspects represented in the image you notice. Let the images presented guide you in finding the correct meaning for you by listening very closely to your intuition 

How to Use the Cards

I am a firm believer that the answers always lie within us. Cards and other divination tools are artefacts that help illuminate signs and messages that we need to receive in order to better understand our circumstances. There is no right or wrong way to use this deck. What I would suggest first, is familiarize yourself with the images. Take each card, hold it in your hand, look at it and let it’s story reveal itself to you. Each image is saturated with various meanings. What I see and intend in creating this deck may not be the exact message you recieve. And that is ok. A nice thing to do while working with any deck is to keep a journal to catalogue the messages various cards bring. Your interpretation is the most accurate. Sometimes cards present themselves simply for specific images that arouse memories and feelings in us. Trust those thoughts and feelings before looking into any explanation or correspondence.

In this guide I’ve given you some words that I feel illuminate the energies present in each card. Use them at your discretion. I have also given you a few sets of cards with no listed meanings. These are for you to begin an investigation into your intuition.