White Owl Mystic Second Edition


Hello. My name is Elfie. I am an artist, but my magick is my media. I began my spiritual journey years ago. I’ve connected to spirit my whole life. I’m a teacher, designer but most importantly, like you I am a human. And as humans we sometimes forget that connection we have to the greater energies that surround us and make us. I  was raised in a Greek Orthodox home and use a lot Christian ideas in my magickal and spiritual practice. I began to divert from that path as an intuitive using the tarot. After meeting a wonderful Congolese trained shaman who took me under his wing, I began to understand that my instrument of spirit communication is my art. 

The White Owl Mystic Arcana is a collection of images I created during a focused period of self discovery and alignment with the universe. Each image brings to the fore energies and aspects of ourselves, both individually and as a collective. Each image illuminates an energy that we can focus on to better understand our circumstance and path.  The cards have been organised in different divisions of energies: universal, astral/zodiac, planetary, moon and intuitive. Oftentimes, we look to cards for answers, however, these cards are divination tools and guides. The answers are all within us. Use the cards how you see fit within your magickal or spiritual practice. They can be study guides, part of intentions or used for divination readings

The images were all created during the times of the year or cycle in which they relate. Each piece is considered to be a sacred expression of the energy represented by the card. along with intuitively creating the deck, I researched the various correspondences for each image. You will see how each zodiac constellation and astrological planet images relate to their corresponding elements, tarot cards, gemstones, plants, animals and other parts of nature.