22 Water St. S, Kitchener, ON 

Collectively Empowered Installation #5

16″ x 20″ Multimedia Collage with LED Light Fixtures

About Green Base Health

Green Base Health is an integrative clinic devoted to providing evidence-based, ethical, and effective complementary health care solutions. We believe everyone should operate daily as the best possible version of themselves and we’ll help you reach your health goals by addressing the physical, mental, and emotional layers of wellness.

With a strong focus on lifestyle-based treatments and an individualized, educational approach, our team will empower you with an understanding of your body’s inner workings and the tools to build the health you desire. Green Base Health provides a safe and supportive space to address all your health concerns so you can live each day optimally.

As a clinic we are committed to maintaining client confidentiality. Green Base Health practitioners are qualified and regulated by accredited institutions and colleges. We work to develop independent practices while maintaining unity in our goal to improve your health.