magickal practice

Having grown up in a fairly traditional Greek Orthodox household my path to the occult and mystical practices was one that bloomed later in life. A roommate of mine bought me a deck of tarot cards in my early twenties. After finally opening up the door to these mythological, metaphysical and esoteric ideas which I had largely feared, my curiosity took a deep dive.

Although astrology was something I studied since I was a teenager, I never took any of it seriously, but as I learned more about occult history I found inspiration. I took it upon myself to learn and refine my skills as a magickal practitioner and spirit communicator. Having work with a variety of mentors I eventually found a man by the name of Antonio, who took me under his wing and helped me to develop my interest into a lifestyle.

Born and raised in Cuba, Antonio is a shaman who now lives in the United States of America and is a retired Spanish professor at the University of Florida. Our ongoing meetings built the foundation for my current intuitive and magickal practice. Through his teaching I began to understand that my vehicle for spirit communication is my art.