One of my favourite books that I was introduced to in high school is Antoine du St. Exupery’s Le Petit Prince. The story opens  with a drawing created by a child. The child intended the drawing to look like a snake who had eaten an elephant. To it’s dismay, adults who would look at it assumed it to be an image of a cowboy hat. The lesson in this introduction is something which I apply in my life as a psychic medium and practicing witch, and that is one of perspective.

What we chose to notice is indicative of our ability to perceive what our true path is in life. As an artist I have always turned to art as a vehicle to express my frustrations, explore ideas that interest me and as means of self healing. As my spiritual path blossomed into being a spirit communicator and healer for many, drawing slowly evolved as my main instrument. It is my tool that allows me to communicate with spirit and heal others.

When I started spirit work, like many, I felt like a foreigner in a different  country. I wanted to understand established rules, methods and tools. Naturally as an artist I was drawn to the art of the tarot. Understanding the symbolism in the cards came very naturally to me. I would easily decipher meaning through my collected knowledge of historical, cultural and psychological symbolism. It was what I knew. My obsessions with art allowed me to develop a natural obsession with the tarot and thus created a disciplined approach to spirit communication.

As I became more comfortable in doing readings for my clients and friends my doors of perception began to open. I no longer needed the cards to receive messages. They were a landing point or a springboard into a greater message as long as I maintained the mental clarity I would find during my sessions.

At around this time I began working closely with a shaman. I had been drawn to shamanistic practice for some time and found an elderly man who had been practicing for decades who was willing to guide me into the next stages of my spiritual awakening. He would always call my art pieces portals. I wasn’t sure why until I finally discovered my new process. During one if our conversations, he asked me if I could draw a dream I had the night before which left me extremely unsettled. He continued to speak about our given topic for our weekly meetings while I sketched. As he spoke I found myself being completely engulfed in the drawing and to some degree feeling transported. The feeling was similar to what I would feel during my readings, only more powerful. As I drew aimlessly, visions would come in of shapes, forms and words that I felt I needed to release with my sketch. By the end of the sketch I saw a collection of scratches that formed an image. The image showcased the answer to the problem my dream had raised for me.

I felt like had unlocked something profound. I hung up with my mentor and spent the entire evening practicing the technique with various questions and life aspects. The weeks to come were a bit of a blur. Any chance I had I would spend drawing. Dreams, memories, frustrations and the like began to flow out of me with the strangest guidance.


Although I had discovered this new method and was capable of creating profoundly insightful intuitive images for myself I wasn’t confident for whatever reason to apply this to my client readings. My trances became more intense and my drawings more absurd and abstract.

What I began to learn is that my method of communication was through art. I realised that if I let myself enjoy and succumb to the meditative process of drawing answers would come. The image was a landing point for messages. I no longer began to question symbols that would come in or the compelled movement of my hands which would create images. I had faith that whatever needed to come out would present itself either in words, symbols or images.

As I began to have more faith in the process I allowed myself to conduct client readings without my tarot cards. The trance the drawing put me in allowed me to open the door of perception of the spirit world much wider. Messages were clearer and stronger. And at the end of each session I had created a piece that emoted exactly the message of that reading. The art I created became very intimate and charged. It was sacred.

As I continue to work with my drawings I am always curious about what other processes can trigger the same response. For me of course, creative outlets are an easy instrument. And this isn’t news for us. We have experienced being moved by a painting, a song, an art piece, even by actions not related to creative outlets. Intuitive connectivity may take on different shapes for others. What I have come to realise is that intuitive communication relies heavily on are ability to perceive.


In order to access the sacred messages and knowledge we have to put ourselves in a state of neutrality. It’s common knowledge that repetitive motion can help us reach theta  brain frequency. In theta states we become less aware of our physical bodies and more connected to the energetic fields around us.  

Theta brain waves create states in which we can access the true nature of our existence, heal and create in a very instantaneous way.  There are five main frequency brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. These brain waves are in constant motion, the brain produces these varying frequencies. We must learn how to access each individually.

Theta waves occur mostly while we sleep and we often experiences them during higher states of meditation.  In these states, often occurring just before drifting into sleep, we remember important reminders or have eureka moments. These states of consciousness occur in our waking life as well. We experience it when we shower, drive on long highways or run for long distances.  It’s a well known fact that Einstein trained himself to spend many hours in a theta state to help him solve complex problems. They are points in which we access a state of such mental relaxation and or physical distraction/relaxation that we begin to receive and connect with higher consciousness.

My drawings have become my personal catalogues of  information gathered in these moments. They are artefacts of intimate experiences between myself, spirit and if done for a client, them as well. Accessing this knowledge is inherent in us all. It’s a matter of trusting ourselves enough to let go and be open to receiving the information the universe wants to share with us.


Over the course of offering these ‘energy portraits,’ my clients and myself have come to develop a personal connection to the images that I have created. As my clients return their images evolve, and some are so powerful they become beacons for their transnational life moments.

Above is a succession of images drawn over the course of two years for the same client. Often the black in my images denotes a block or challenge. I am always amazed by the transformation of the images that are produced over time.

I am always amazed at the impact these readings have on both myself and my clients. Sometimes they are moved in ways that I don’t even begin to understand. Below is a post created by a dear client of mine who, one day, decided that an image I channeled for her would be permanently tattooed on her left arm. It’s moments like these which remind me why I do the things I do.