introduction to creative magick

Join us in exploring the rich and magickal practice. This twelve week course will introduce you various magickal principles, tools and practices . Learn about the history of witchcraft, how to work with the moon, how to use a variety of diviniation tools along with working intuitively with the earth.

Class fees do not include divination tools. You do not need these to participate, but if you would like some suggested materials feel free to inquire. you must have one in order to participate.

Classes are offered via ZOOM on Saturdays at 10:30 am EST
Begins Saturday, February 20 , 2020 running for 12 Weeks

Payment options are available to people in order to help those who may not have funds readily available. Please chose one of the following options for your payment plan.

OPTION A: Upfront $250
OPTION B: Monthly Billing of $83.33 every four weeks
OPTION C: Bi-Weekly Billing of $41.66 every two weeks