art + darkness

This weekly art classes explores the idea of darkness and shadow as represented through art and mythologies and applies them to our astrological natal charts. You will learn about various deities and mythologies, how to read your natal chart, how to empower and heal yourself while acquiring new artistic mixed media skills.

8 Week Course
Tuesdays 7 pm EST
Offered on ZOOM
Course Kit & Supplies Delivered in Canada
 and USA*

In hopes of offering equitable pricing options, prices for each of the courses are tiered. Please select the pricing option that suits you best.

OPTION A: $120
OPTION B: $185

COURSE KIT: Each course is accompanied by a course kit with artistic material to help you follow along with your creative practice at home. They are not required, however projects created during class vary in media. Please inquire if you would like more information.

COURSE KIT: $25.00 – $35.00 CAD

Elfie’s weekly meditations set the stage for meaningful self-reflection and acceptance during the Art + Darkness sessions. Creating while learning about the darker aspects of the Natal Chart and how they can manifest in your life through White Owl Mystic is a healing experience.

– TR