cosmic forecast + card pull: may 2021

It seems like everything is loaded with potential and deeper meaning today. We are collectively on a transformative journey of humankind. Our standards and ‘norms’ are under scrutiny, and for many, it feels like an investigation that is long overdue. For centuries the values of the Western world have been rooted in less than equitable soils. Opportunities have been out of reach or unavailable to many people as a result of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, physical ability or many other aspects of self.

So I want to dwell a little bit on the word normal. Because many of our normals have been extremely unfair, in some cases corrupt, and obviously dangerous for centuries. But how does this happen? Have we as a collective really been ‘ignorant’ to these inequities? Or, have we become so numb that we’ve all lost hope of a possible new future? We create the normal. We are active agents in our history. And this last year, albeit challenging, has shown us, through both tragedy and triumph, that in working collaboratively the impossible can be achieved. 

The idea of what we value comes into question this month, as we settle into Taurus season. And with the Age of Aquarius upon us, we are experiencing a moment in time where our collective story can be tremendously impacted. So this month, we need to examine what it is we value. As loaded as this may sound, now more than ever your ‘vote’ counts.  We are at a clear moment where change is possible, and how do you want those values to look moving forward? Not just for you, but for the collective. 

Left: The Cosmic Tarot, Norbert Lorche, 1986 Right: The Thoth Tarot, Harris & Crowley, 1944

The card pull for this month really makes me smile. Firstly, it is probably one of my favourite cards in the Tarot. More importantly, it presents us with the answer to this big question of what is important. The Ace of Cups is a gift from the universe. It is often depicted as a bountiful offering of love, inner peace and knowing and joy from the heavens. It’s a feeling of eternal bliss. 

Left: Tarot Balbi, Domenico Balbi, 1976, Right: Star Tarot, Cathy McClelland, 1991

So, to load up the potency of our focus this month, let’s reiterate shall we? We are entering a moment in the year where our meditations, actions, thoughts and words can bring about change in the collective understanding of what is valuable.  Our card pull for the month guides us to a feeling of eternal bliss. That being said, a question to ask ourselves this month is: what should I invest in and align myself with that fuels my inner bliss while also opening up space for the collective to grow in that bliss?  Piece of cake right?

Sending you lots of love,


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