cosmic forecast + card pull: april 2021

The astrological new year begins with fiery Aries every year. And although we’re forging forward into a new season of growth with spring having sprung, this year feels a little different. I write a little bit about this in this month’s astrology column, but I thought I could touch on the more emotional aspects this spring holds for us. We have been through a very traumatic year. It’s suffice to say that the majority of us have been coping with the trauma of the pandemic. It has sprouted and entrenched divisions in our social classes and culture. The pandemic was a pinnacle moment in our human history.  

We were all forced to stop in our tracks and re-evaluate our values, both individually and collectively. And with a new cycle beginning, and a seemingly more optimistic outlook with the vaccine on the horizon, we’re asked to pivot one last time before we spring into spring full heartedly. In Canada, specifically in Ontario, we are entering yet another lockdown. Vaccinations are not rolling out fast enough, and COVID-19 cases are rising with variants increasingly affecting younger populations and spreading more rapidly. Lockdown fatigue is affecting all of us. Lockdowns being prescribed by governments are unfairly affecting small-business owners. School closures are impacting our mental health. Furthermore, they are slowing down the progress of many women who are taking on the primary caregiver role of the family, subsequently slowing down their career advancements.

All the while, the world is turning and spinning us into a new season of growth. So, what do we do? How do we find opportunity and solace in this seemingly treacherous landscape? Well, as I mentioned earlier, the beginning of the astrological year helps us to establish a new set of seeds that we wish to harvest in the end of the growing season. And that isn’t any different this year. The primary difference is the soil and landscape in which we are preparing for this time. 

We’ve been here before. Pivoting has become our new normal. And the card pull for this month is fittingly hopeful – The Chariot. The Chariot is a portal into a new level of consciousness. It follows the first set of foundational understandings of the major arcana. Traditionally depicted as a man on a vehicle drawn by black and white horses or sphinxes, it begs us to move away from our kingdoms or homes and embark onto a new landscape. He is armed, shielded but ultimately guided by the unyielding emotional and creative energies of the universe. An aggressive force hoping to chart new paths for his kingdom, the Chariot embodies the nurturing and forward thinking energy we all need to align ourselves with as we move into the summer months.

So, with Aries’ fire fueling our motivation, we also have Taurus, the lavishly steadfast bull, activating Venus and Mercury this month, along with Gemini, our sociably and intellectual charmers, filtering Mars’ energetic boost. It’s safe to say that we are being pulled into a forceful direction that is begging us to be strong, rooted in our values, while also considering others. A careful balancing act that is the result of a year that’s only asked us to pivot. And here we are, pivoting once more. 

Sending you lots of love in these unpredictable times. 


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