cosmic forecast + card pull: march 2021

Do you remember teachers, parents, guardians and role models alike, asking you, what do you want to be when you’re older? The story we understand as children is one that says ‘what we do’ in the world is of major significance. Yet, this is really only one aspect of a public part of ourselves. As an astrologer, tarot reader and artist, my research and studies have helped me to expand my understanding of consciousness. And what the tarot, along with many esoteric schools of thought, have to say, is: yes, your career matters in that it’s an opportunity to create and contribute something of value in our physical realm. But, and a hard but at that, you are not one dimensional and require a balance of many other facets of self in order to create a holistically successful life.  

Astrologically, next month brings us a very ethereal and hidden energy. We are entering Pisces season, and have another stellium (three or more planets) occurring in the sign Pisces, (Venus, Mercury and the Sun), plus a new moon in Pisces. What does Pisces bring us? In the wheel of astrology, Pisces is our last stop in the evolution of self before the wheel begins again on March 21, (the spring Equinox and beginning of Aries season). So before we start another season with the sun out offering life and joy, Pisces energy asks us to really understand and feel the parts of ourselves that are unseen below the surface (our subconscious) and cosmically (our higher consciousness).  The earth is moving into a space of opportunity. Spring is around the corner and a new energy of growth is in the air. And Pisces asks you, what do you really want?  
The New Moon in Pisces on Saturday, March 13, 2021, is a good time to ask yourself this question. Setting an intention to gain information about your inner world is the perfect Moon in Pisces energy. In the case of next month, we may want to ask what kind of life we deeply want to manifest for ourselves in the next year. Is there something we maybe have forgotten to include when we made our new years wishes? Now is the time to revisit those hopes and dreams in order to help make them more of a reality.

Our card pull for March is one of the main reasons I’m speaking about this, because this month we’re joined with the opportunity and magickal energy of the Page of Pentacles. The Page of Pentacles has a childlike wonder about making things possible. They embody the essence of the creative spirit, but also have the aptitude to follow through and create opportunity. With the veil of Pisces filtering our cosmic flow this month, this page asks us to create from our souls. Plant opportunities that will feed your existential growth this year. What gives you that deepest sense of purpose? How can you bring that to life? 

And again, the suits of pentacles, although representative of our ‘physical world’ embody more than just that.  A pentacle in itself is the physical union of mind, body, emotions, passions and spirit. It is the physical result of magick. So, how can you achieve a balance of all of those facets this year when setting the stage for the Spring Equinox? Now is the time to find out! And revisiting those questions from our childhood is a good place to start. If you as an adult, with all the knowledge, experience and resources available to you, asked that little kid inside you now, what do you want to make happen, don’t you think you could find a way to manifest at least some of that in your life today? The Page of Pentacles thinks so. 

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