cosmic forecast: february 2021

Aquarius is lighting up our sky in it’s electric way this month. We have Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and a New Moon all in this rebellious, humanitarian and quirky energy for the next while. We can expect a lot of ideas and emotions sparking conversations of equity, community, social intelligence and ally-ship this month. And although this will be very much the theme of 2021, as I stated in previous issues, this month will be a little more intense in this regard. 

To further the complexity of February, we will also be seeing our first of three Mercury retrograde periods. I speak more to this in my monthly column here, but in short, we can expect the usual miscommunications, clumsiness, social media and technological complications and likely some overall discomforts and challenges trying to  ‘get things moving.’ Despite this resistance, we are afforded the opportunity to begin our plans by clearing out our inner blocks during this time. 

Things we can focus on this month in our intentions, (more specifically on the new moon of February 11 at 11:06 am EST) are understanding how and what we need to radically shift in ourselves in order to be of better service to the collective. Our full moon in Virgo,  (on February 27 at 12:17 am EST) will offer us a moment to intuitively gain insight towards our intentions. 

We will be ending off the month with some complex square aspects between our inner planets, and the end of the retrograde period, (Mercury stationing direct February 20), so anticipate some frustrations. This may be  uncomfortable but will ease up as we enter our Pisces season in March.

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