card pull december 2020



The end of another cycle has come this month. With the winter solstice on December 21, we enter into another new spin around the sun. It’s opening up a new season for growth and opportunity. What seeds do you want to plant for that year? The card pull for this month suggests this question exactly. Again, like last month, two cards came out together when I shuffled and drew. This month we’re met with rest and abundance. So, how can these two work in synchronicity? Well, we are ending a cycle of growth right now, our work has been done and our challenges have mostly culminated for the year.

The four of swords suggest we are at a moment where we must take some time to rest and rejuvenate our minds. Our battle hasn’t finished, we know the winter is ahead and may be difficult in many of us in different ways. But, we can at least celebrate the end of the year. A year that’s challenged us in a lot of ways. And, with the solstice, we can commemorate a new year around the sun by setting some hopes and dreams of a more abundant new year, ten of coins. The two working together in this reading suggest a calm reprise, where the best use of our energy in this time is through rest, enjoying the things we have and calmly focusing ourselves for the new year. 

Sending you this with lots of love!


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