cosmic forecast: december 2020

Below you can find some more detailed information about the specific astrological transits this month.

December 1, Mercury enters Sagittarius

Shifting the pendulum from the deep and skeptical Scorpio energy, our planet of communication and mental activity is moving through a more optimistic and confident filter this month. With Mercury in Sagittarius, we will be more open minded allowing for better and active communication.

December 14, New moon in Sagittarius

Continuing with the expansive energies of Sagittarius, we’ll be having a new moon in this fiery sign.  This will also be a solar eclipse. So, potent energy for expanding our horizons and helping that inner energy of the moon to connect with our active selves, the sun. 

December 15, Chiron goes direct in Aries

With Chiron in Aries, our wounded healer, going direct from its retrograde that started in July, will bring you a stranger sense of self and what your values are. You’ll be thinking about how you’d like to impact the world around you and help in your own way.

December 15, Venus enters Sagittarius 

Continuing the fiery energy wave of this month, Venus is also entering the adventurous Sagittarius. You’ll want to expand your Venutian horizons, that is in your love life, sexuality, creativity and really, anything that gives you pleasure! Adventure is calling all parts of you during this transit.

December 17, Saturn enters Aquarius

Changing its sign every two and a half years, this shift is often ‘eased into.’ Saturn is moving into Aquarius, the first time in an air sign since 2010. This means we’re all in for a mental re-evaluation of self, and who we are in this world. And with Aquarius lighting up this energy, we’re going to want to see how we’re contributing to our community, our idea of belonging and giving back. 

December 19, Jupiter Enters Aquarius

Jupiter will move through the zodiac one year at a time. So thinking about what you believe in happens around this time every year. What’s the next year going to bring, and what do I want to put my faith into? With Aquarius energy, you’re likely going to want to devote more time to your community, friendships and helping out in the way you’d like to contribute. 

December 20, The Great Conjunction

Culminating our 2020 cornucopia is a larger cosmic event that astrologers have been talking about for centuries. In the sky, on Monday, December 21, 2020 Jupiter and Saturn will be making a connection that is known as a Great Conjunction. This happens once every twenty years. These two big planetary players are entering the sign of Aquarius this month, and meeting together for the first time in an air sign in over 200 years. The last time these two met in the innovative element of air marked the beginning of the industrial revolution. In our case, having the Great Conjunction occurring in Aquarius, we can anticipate the beginning of a new era in our human history; one that is centred on humanitarian pursuits, innovation, and social causes. It’s what we astrologers like to call, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

December 30, Full moon in Cancer

Finishing off our 2020 year with a full moon in Cancer is that soothing bath we’ve all been wanting and wishing for this year. We’ll be ending off the year tending to that emotional part of ourselves and thinking about how it can soothe itself, and others, over the holiday season.

A Cosmic Mixed Tape to help you ride the fiery wave towards the end of 2020, and flow into 2021 with high hopes and positivity.

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